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Cost of Education in IRELAND

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Ireland stands out as Europe’s fastest-growing economy, boasting a top-ten global ranking for high-caliber scientific research and inclusion among the top twenty nations with premier education systems. These factors are driving an increasing number of students towards studying in Ireland with hopes of building their careers there.

For those aspiring to study in Ireland, understanding the associated costs is paramount for adequate preparation. This article aims to provide comprehensive insights into the expenses involved in education and living for international students in Ireland.

  Tuition Fees: 

The cornerstone of studying abroad expenses lies in tuition fees, which vary based on the university, course, and program. For undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) level courses in Ireland, average annual tuition fees range as follows:

– UG Courses: EUR 8000 – EUR 20000

– PG Courses or Masters in popular fields: EUR 9950 – EUR 35000

Additionally, some universities may charge examination or functional fees, necessitating confirmation with the respective institution.

  Student Visa: 

To pursue higher education in Ireland, obtaining the appropriate visa is imperative. Depending on the program duration, students can opt for Type C or Type D visas, each costing EUR 60.

  Air Fare: 

The one-time expense of airfare from India to Ireland typically amounts to approximately EUR 700, a factor to consider when calculating yearly study expenses.


Accommodation expenses vary depending on factors such as locality and living arrangements. Options include university hostels, on-campus residences, private hostels, or rented apartments. Costs range as follows:

– University Hostel: EUR 200-300/month

– On-campus Living: EUR 300-650/month

– Independent Apartment Living: EUR 400-900/month

– Shared Apartment Living: EUR 450-550/month

  Living Cost: 

Beyond accommodation, living expenses encompass food, travel, utilities, and entertainment:

– Food: EUR 30-50 for three meals at average restaurants; EUR 250-350 for monthly groceries.

– Travel: Monthly bus pass costs EUR 50-55 for off-campus living.

– Utility Bills: Average EUR 550-1000/month for electricity, gas, water, and laundry, plus EUR 50-60/month for internet.

– Other Expenses: Miscellaneous expenses like stationery, medical insurance, outings, and social activities amount to around EUR 200-300/month.

  Scholarships and Financial Support: 

Scholarships offered by the Irish government and private universities can alleviate costs. Popular options include The Walsh Fellowship, the Government of Ireland International Scholarship, the Fullbright Scholarship, and Government of Ireland Post Graduation Scholarship.

  Part-time Jobs: 

Supplementing finances through part-time jobs is another avenue for international students. Popular job choices include roles like Research Assistant, Translator, Demonstrator at University, Tutor, and Barista.