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Australian College Admissions

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When you’ve settled on a course for your higher education in Australia, it’s a great opportunity to apply for admissions.

Application process

The initial step is to apply for the course you want to pursue from an Australian university. There are two different ways to apply:

1. Apply direct with the respective colleges/universities

Once you’ve narrowed down on the course, you need to find which universities provide a certificate/degree course in that particular subject. To apply direct, download the application structure from the colleg/university’s website. If you are applying for courses at more than one institution, you should submit a different application with every respective institution.

2. Through Australian education agent

Most educational institutions collaborate with a number of education agents. These agents then act as the direct sources for these universities to increase their admissions. Details on the agents with whom a certain university/college works with can be found on their website or by reaching them directly.

You should keep the supporting documents for your application ready before you contact an agent. The documents required vary from course to course and institution to institution. However, the most significant ones are:

  • Certificates that confirm your past qualification, including qualifications you possess on the date of application as of now have
  • Evidence of your English language proficiency
  • Certificates or reports which confirm past qualification or work experience if you are looking for course credits. These must be translated into English

Receiving your Offer Letter

In the event that your application is effective, you will get a ‘Letter of Offer’. To affirm your offer you should react to this letter by marking and sending an acknowledgment back to the institution. This should be sent via mail or by emailing scanned copies. The Letter of Offer is an agreement among you and the institution. It sets out the course you will be admitted to, enrolment conditions, the expenses you have to pay, and the refund payable in the event that you don’t finish your course with that college/university. This agreement is significant – if in case you don’t begin your course, or finish your course, this document will be utilized to decide whether you will get a refund or not.


  • Read the Letter of Offer cautiously before acknowledging it
  • Make sure that you have a clear understanding of all your rights on campus, including the refund arrangement
  • Do not acknowledge the Letter of Offer if you are not content with any of its terms
  • Keep a copy of the Letter of Offer for your future reference. You will require this as a testament of your privileges if at any time you need to make a case against the institution.

Confirmation of Enrolment

After you have acknowledged your Offer and paid your deposit, you will get an ‘Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment’ (eCoE) by email. This will plot your course start date, complete course expenses and the time duration of your course.

Visa application

If you are applying for your Student Visa through the Department of Home Affairs online lodgement office, you will require the details of your electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) to file your visa application. In the event that you are filing an on-paper visa application, you must provide the electronic Confirmation of Enrolment before the visa being granted.

You should ensure that you meet prerequisites for a student visa before you acknowledge an offer and pay any education costs.